Tales by Olga Larsen


The Truth of Oldler Norddik

The Farmer Origin of the Royal Tribe
with Reaf of Yellow Amber.

The Farmer Origin of the Small-holder Tribe.

As I received it at the Eight Danish
Dogsnout Gods and one Danish Devil.

First came the Danish red brown Horses with the blond Fetlocks and Tail
and with the Rat by the Hoof running from a Quince Apple Tree like
the Fox runs from the Den
to the Farm of King Arrild and Queen Rosa.

Then came the Danish Grey goats with the Mouse by the Hoof running from a
Grey Pear Tree to the Farm of Small-holder Karl and Small-holder Wife Karla.

Then came Dogs and Sheep to Royal Farm
partly in the Room partly in the Stables.

Then came grey Cats and grey Rabbits to Small-holder Farm.
Partly in the Room partly in the Stable.

My busyness with Tapestries of Gods and Devils while it is called
the Day of Mercy also Faroe Devil Iceland Devil Greenland Devil.

I look forward to the small Farm with Goats Rabbits and Cats some Chickens
in the Happiness.

Olga Larsen.


Letter to her nephew

Copenhagen 1st April 1955.

Dear Peer!
First Congratulations on all Your Ability as a Saddler.
You did not become a Soldier but still You can honour your Country as a Danish Man It will be pleasant if you could help me some with the Farm I’m counting on: yes Per you are pleases with Goats Rabbits and Cats and Mice so you are fit to become a Pleasant Ancestor of the Small-holder Tribe.
If only you can help each other with Light and Life Per Nils and Nanni.

Love to You All.
Olga Larsen.

As I had it at Dogsnouts

It was Spring Month of April
for the first Time in Denmark. Queen Rosa
and Small-holder Wife Karla enjoyed their Spinning Wheels each in their Boorish Apartment. And King Arrild enjoyed
his Loom and Small-holder Karl enjoyed
his Loom. With King Arrild Dogs played
and Sheep in the Room. With Small-holder Karl Cats and Rabbits played in the Room. The Gods
dogsnout were busy sawing in
very big Tree Trunks which the Great
Creator had cut down himself. The Devil was
busy chopping up the Tree Logs.
Then came Month of May. The Seeds were in
Leather Bags in a Line on Shelf
without Hair with King Arrild. With Goat’s Hair outside with Small-holder Karl with String
Laces at the Top Edge. Dogsnouts and Devil
had Brewery for Beer and some
Craft. King Aarild was busy
with Horse and Plough and also lent Small-holder Karl Horse and Plough. They ploughed
the Month of May was Rainy. But they
ploughed and the Seeds were put down and some Corn. Then there was hoeing and weeding and they rejoiced to see it grow after the Work
of their Hands. In the Harbour lay a Ship with
wonderful Masts. Dogsnouts and Devil bid
Goodbye to Royal Couple and Small-holder Couple and sailed out along Danish Coast.
Small-holder Karl cried for the first time when Gods and Devil had sailed. Small-holder Wife
Karla comforted him. Some Days
later Gods and Devil returned with
Cod, Plaice and Flounder which
Royal Couple and Small-holder Couple Joyfully
accepted. They clapped and kissed
each other for such a Dish. Fried and Boiled.
Then came Harvest Time with much Work
And Gods and Devil were busy
helping both King Arrild and Small-holder

Karl. they enjoyed all kinds of Well-prepared
Food and Their 4 Quarts Milk Bucket
of Stainless Steel on the Table in the Room.
Both Royal Couple and Small-holder Couple
It was soon the Day when Man Child
would come. Gods and
Devil were busy making Whistles
and practising. Then came the Day. First
King Arrild’s Son and the Gods and
the Devil came with Whistles and Dancing
before the Window in the Room to
welcome the Man Child.
It was the same Way when
Small-holder Karl had his Son the first
in front of their Window. The Gods
Dogsnout and the Devil were so
pleased with The little ones who had come
that they offered to wash both
Children’s and Parent’s Clothes for a Longer
Period. And dried Nappies with
Zealousness. Some Times both God and Devil
saw both Kind and Small-holder on their Knees by
the Cradle and thanking the great Creator for such
a wonderful Child. Boy Child. Later
Gods and Devil went to Sweden with their
Ship and came right to Swedish Hans and
Hansine Farm when the Hour had come
that she should have the first Child a Girl Child
The Days after God and Devil saw Farmer Hans some
times on his Knees by the Cradle. It was Prayers of thanks for
the baby. Later They experienced coming
to German Farm. They had a Baby
in the Cradle. Farming and Craft
Farmer Jens and Jensine. Farmer Jens
had the same thanking
Kneeling at the Cradle for a Daughter.


Embroidery on a cloth

As I had it at Dogsnouts Choir of 8 and one Devil.
It was spring in Denmark King Arrild and Queen rosa
enjoyed their Farm with Spinning Wheel and Loom.
And Small-holder Karl and Small-holder Wife Karla
enjoyed Their Small-hold also with Spinning Wheel
and Loom. The Gods and Devil had Brewery for Beer.
Eatable Animals Horse flesh, Ox Flesh, Sheep Flesh, Pig Flesh,
Chicken Flesh, Goat Flesh, Rabbit Flesh. Feed for Animals
Corn, Horse Carrots, Swede, Potatoes,
Cabbage. Incense of Thanksgiving Thyme and Violets
Blessing of the Gods for Independent Farms
And Blessing of the Devil for Independent Small-holds
Good Fruit Trees Red Apples, Yellow Apples
Grey Pears, Black Cherries. It takes 20 Oak Trees
to make an Oak Forrest. It takes 20 Beech Trees to make a Beech Forrest
It takes 20 Pine Trees to make a Pine Forrest. It takes 20
Fir Trees to make a Fir Forrest. It takes 20 Hazel
Bushes to make a Hazel Forrest. Scrub Bush Blackcurrant
Sand Drift stopping Plant Creeping Willow Grey Twigs.
Thyme for Kitchen Use Winters Grows well in
Sandy soil may be manured with Ashes and soot. Beets may
be planted both spring and Fall. Second Harvest
in Fall. Field Sorrel. The Seeds can be planted
in the Fall to give Leaves for a Spring Dish.
Bog Whortleberry Ditch Plant. Fir Trees can pull up the Heather Roots.
Cranberry Peat Plant. Horses Law Three Years old Horses for Horse Shoes.
Meadow Horses and Plough Horses without Shoes. Beach Road Driving Road along
Potato Field Country Road Driving Road along Beet Field.
Rye Field Wheat Field Weave Flax Field Plough Rake Roller for Horses.
Seed Plants from Fruit Trees indoors in Case of Hard Winters.
Dogs along Sheep Cats along Rabbits. Hemp for Twine and
Ropes on Sunny Earth. Elderberry Trees on Beach Meadow and
Forrest Meadow. Kitchen Field with Horseradish Ditch. Thyme, Danish Peas, Field Sorrel and
Parsnip, Cumin, Horseradish Ditch with Stone Limits. Pits for Feed Beets.
Water Bog Forrest, Hornbeam, Red Alder, Rowanberry Trees, ????? Plants, Peat Grass,
Buttercups Wood Strawberry. Bushel Sacks for Potatoes. Damson Trees.
Hoe and Weed Hard Wood for Block and Pole Axe for Cats and Rabbits.
Butcher’s Table for Sheep and Goats. Butcher’s Clup for Hedgehog and Toads.

Horse Flesh Veal
Olives. The Meat is cut
in Slices and hammered a Prune and some
Thyme is put in
each Slice and
rolled together,
fastened with thin
String rolled
in Flour.
Some Salt and Pepper
Browned Water is poured
over boiled till
Tender Eaten with
boiled Potatoes.
The Fish Catfish. The Meat
is Cut in Slices rolled
in Eggs and Flour and fried
brown. Eaten with
boiled Potatoes.
The Fish the Eel. Skinned and
cut in Finger Length
Pieces. Rolled in Flour

King Arrild and Queen Rosa’s
Great-grandchildren. Male High Cap of
Mole Skin Female
small Mole Skin Collar
on the Dress. Dinner at Skjold
Castle. Fried Mallards and
Prune Pie.
Small-holder Karl and Karla’s
Great-grandchildren. Male Cap
of Rabbit Fur.
Rabbit fur Collar on
the Dress. Dinner at
Skjold Farm
Fried Rabbits
and Prune Pie.

Danish God Dogsnout with
a Danish Dog Fur in the
right Hand over Tanner.
Wooden Vat.
Danish Devil with the
Danish Alphabet in the right Hand.
And the Danish Male Cat
at the left Knee.
Height of the Gods 7 Feet
Height of Devil 8 Feet.
Hip Dog Rose.
The seven Days of the Week. sunday,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Straw Loft. Hay Loft.
Seed Loft.
Small-holder’s Karl’s Party
Dinner Fried Rabbits
Well-cooked Winter Wax
Beans. And boiled Potatoes.
Fried Goat’s Liver with Shallots
Sauce Eaten with boiled Potatoes.
Roast Sheep with Parsnips.
Eaten with boiled Potatoes. 

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